Structural/Physical (Body)

Biomechanics / Gait Analysis

  • Comprehensive Gait and Motion analysis to expose your specific compensations and imbalances.
  • Re-educate the neuromuscular patterns in your body
  • Optimize the efficiency of movement and maximize TRUE strength
  • Reduce inflammation and congestion
  • Move more athletically than ever before
  • Improve posture and mental clarity
  • Be Happy!

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Sports / Physical Therapy

  • This is not your typical insurance-based physical therapy. You will always be
    seen by a licensed clinician who will re-evaluate you and assigned new exercises
    daily. No more 3 sets of 10.
  • Exercise programs designed specifically for you. These programs give instant
    relief of tension and improve neuromuscular balance and strength.
  • Rehab programs for all injuries and conditions operative and nonoperative:
    • Low back pain (disc, stenosis, fractures)
    • Knee pain / surgery (ACL, meniscus)
    • Shoulders (Rotator cuff tear, Labral tears)
    • Foot and ankle (Sprains, fractures, bunions)
    • Hip Pain (labrum, imbalances)
    • Cervical spine
    • Physical Therapy for the “Athlete” in us all

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Group Classes

  • Connect Your Strength – “Exercise for Humans”. This is where we connect
    all of our movement and strength with natural movement patterns using: weights, bands, Indian clubs, medicine balls, and much more! You will learn to create and re-educate neuromuscular patterns to have you moving more efficiently and athletically than ever before. Excellent class to: gain TRUE strength, improve biomechanics, rid of stubborn belly fat, improve athleticism, and exercise pain-free. (Suitable for all levels)
  • Flow State – “It’s a Vibe” This is where we move your body 3- dimensionally with rhythm and timing. You will open up and unlock your body to allow you to move more freely and naturally. Excellent class to rid the body of any soreness, aches and pains while working up a little sweat! (Suitable for all levels)
  • Fascial Hydration – “Hurts so Good!” This is where we mobilize and release “sticky” issues. You will perform various MyoFascial Release (MFR) techniques and fascial mobilization techniques to un-stick your stuck -issues. Excellent class for pain-relief, reducing inflammation, movement gains, mental clarity, and preparing the body for more intense exercise. (Suitable for all levels)
  • Breath Work and Meditation – A mix of breathwork and guided meditations. This class will help with focus, mental clarity, and achieving the balance of mind and body. Come relax and achieve a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.


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3-D Golf Analysis

  • 3-Dimensional Golf Swing Analysis utilizing the Swing Guru software, Flight Scope, and pressure plates. We encourage you to bring your coach if you have and work together with our biomechanics specialists to allow your body to perform the swing you want.
  • Utilizing our techniques and training you can change your ball flight and distances immediately. If you do not have your own coach and would like a lesson we have professional golfers available to help you and who understand our programs!

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Massage Therapy

  • Most injuries occur when the connective tissue is not hydrated and there is a lack of blood flow, lymphatic drainage, bound hydration, etc. to the tissue. The less the tissue is hydrated, the less elastic response it has in it
  • Most injuries occur when connective tissue is stretched faster than it can respond.

Massage is an excellent hydration tool, book your hydration massage today!

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Compression Garment Fitting

Effective compression garments squeeze blood from the surface veins back into the deep veins and help push blood back up to the heart, this helps to:

  • Increase blood flow velocity and reduce swelling

  • Increase volume of oxygenated blood to muscle tissue and enhances removal of lactic acid

  • Reduce blood pooling as blood is pushed back to the heart

  • Treat many venous conditions such as varicose veins

  • Prevent and treat edema and lymphoedema

  • Improve the recovery and performance of athletes

  • Reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).