Group Classes

Group Classes

Connect Your Strength Class

“Exercise for Humans”

  • This is where we connect all of our movement and strength with natural movement patterns using: weights, bands, Indian clubs, medicine balls, and much more! You will learn to create and re-educate neuromuscular patterns to have you moving more efficiently and athletically than ever before. Excellent class to: gain TRUE strength, improve biomechanics, rid of stubborn belly fat, improve athleticism, and exercise pain-free. (Suitable for all levels)

Flow State Class

“It’s a Vibe”

  • This is where we move your body 3- dimensionally with rhythm and timing. You will open up and unlock your body to allow you to move more freely and naturally. Excellent class to rid the body of any soreness, aches and pains while working up a little sweat! (Suitable for all levels)

Fascial Hydration Class

“Hurts so Good!”

  • This is where we mobilize and release “sticky” issues. You will perform various MyoFascial Release (MFR) techniques and fascial mobilization techniques to un-stick your stuck -issues. Excellent class for pain-relief, reducing inflammation, movement gains, mental clarity, and preparing the body for more intense exercise. (Suitable for all levels)

Breath Work And Meditation Class

Suitable for everyone

  • A mix of breathwork and guided meditations. This class will help with focus, mental clarity, and achieving the balance of mind and body. Come relax and achieve a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.