What We Are

New Dimensions Wellness Studio is a premium health, wellness, and performance center that combines cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom. We look at the body holistically and leave no stone unturned when helping you make the changes you want.

Our Services

Health is multi-dimensional. There is no “one answer” for health and wellness and you can get lost researching and trying new things. Let us show you the way.

  • Physical Therapy & Biomechanics (Body)

    An MRI, Orthopedic, or X-ray can tell you “what” your pain is called, we will tell you “why” your pain is caused. This is NOT your quick fix, but your TRUE long term solution.

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  • Mental Performance / Emotional Therapy (Mind)

    N.E.T. changes the chemistry of the subconscious, thus changing the way you respond to an emotion. These techniques help you navigate stressful situations such as a nervous response during a game-winning shot or your fear response when you hear a dog growl/bark.

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  • Healing Modalities / Biochemistry (Cells)

    Your cells are either getting too much of something they don’t need or not enough of something they do need. Enhance your biochemistry with with Infrared, oxygen, hormone techniques.

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Let Us Guide You

Mind, body, and cellular treatments!

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

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