4470 35th St, Orlando FL 32811

Brantley Hawkins

Brantley is a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Masters degree in Applied Exercise Physiology. Taking a holistic approach to his practice, he combines his educational background in both sports medicine and human performance. Brantley believes that there is no such thing as a chronic or lingering injury, but only a breakdown in neuromuscular patterns, the conversation between brain and body. When it comes to movement, the brain does not think individual muscles, but whole motions.

Brantley is not concerned with diagnosing you with a “what” when it comes to his assessments, but rather addressing the “why” to provide you with the optimal outcome for aches, pains, and efficiency of movement and performance. He practices an array of mobilizations, releases, movement patterns, and exercise techniques he has learned from around the world to create or re-educate these neuromuscular patterns.

Brantley treats and educates the human being in all aspects of health, from their emotional drivers to the demands of their environment. Congestion is the only disease, and movement is the medicine.