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Mark Garrand, Assistant Special Agent in Charge at DHS , ICE

I recently had a total knee replacement following years of pain. As a law enforcement officer I wanted to get back into the game as soon as possible and was fortunate enough to meet Justin. After two weeks of home rehab I started out three days a week working with Justin on my left knee. During my rehab I learned that my conditioning was really poor due to not being able to exercise hard because of my previous knee pain. Justin is not only a first class trainer but an even better motivator. Some days were more difficult than others however each session became better and more challenging than the first. I can honestly say I walked into the doctors to get my stitches removed using only a cane at about 3 and half weeks. The doctor was surprised and I tossed him my cane and told him I didn’t need it any more. At 5 weeks I was riding a mountain bike and at 6 weeks I was back to work. Normal time to return to work full time is 90 days. On the 90th day I played 18 pain free holes of golf. I hadn’t played golf in three years due to pain and swelling following a simple round. I continued to work with Justin for several months after that and continued to get stronger in every aspect. The highlight for me was one of my last rehab sessions resulting in me pushing a Division I college athlete to finish his workout with me and not to quit. I outlasted him in the same workout and haven’t stopped smiling since. I’ve continued my relationship with Justin not just to train but as a friend. This guy really cares about his patients well being and is always just around the corner to make sure I’m doing well.