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Hip Capsule Mobilization

This is a hip mobilization to increase motion in all planes of motion. I use the stretch/mobilization with all populations.

Moderate Abdominal Progression

This is a video showing an abdominal progression used for performance training or physical therapy.

Vipr Resistance Exercise

Specific exercise to assist with deep half guard sweep utilizing the VIPR.

What it Takes to Hit a Golfball Part 2

Part 2 of “What it Takes to Hit a Golf Ball” we will discuss some of the main movements that occur during a swing in the lower extremities. It is important to note that the human body is made up of numerous joints that are caused to move by muscles […]

What it takes to hit a golf ball. Part 1

Hitting a golf ball seems like a simple task. Grab a club, rear back and strike the little ball with the big clubhead? Seems simple and easy. However the golf swing can be extremely violent and explosive. To commonly athletes force their body to perform this violent action and they […]

Be Great Now!!

Key Factors to increase your potential for greatness What causes “GREATNESS”? Is it genetic or physical gifts? Is it countless hours of practice? Is it a mental edge? Is it being in the best physical shape? I believe it is a combination of all these and also a BELIEF that […]