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Paracelsus said, “There is but only one disease, and its name is congestion.”

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The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tsu

what our clients
Keith Lyman
Pro Wakeboarder

During my professional wakeboarding career I had been injured on several occasions. Everything from shoulders, knees, to torn muscles. I have realized how important it is to have a great physical therapist as well as personal trainer. For me, Justin is a one stop shop. He is extremely dedicated to his craft and his knowledge on just about every realm of sport therapy and training is vast. He has seen me through just about every injury and not only was he able to get me back out on the water, he made me better, faster and stronger! When it came time for me to change career paths and enlist into the US Military, I chose Justin to get me into the shape of my life!

Jayson Patino
Jayson Patino
American Top Team

Justin’s program has been a key component to my success as a professional fighter and business owner. His program has increased my conditioning, flexibility, explosion and power as a fighter. He has also been there to treat the many injuries that occur during MMA training and fighting. His mental techniques allowed me to align and better achieve the goals I set for myself physically and professionally. As the head instructor of American Top Team schools I urge all my students to train with Justin and to seek him out to work on their mental game, increase performance and reduce injury time.

Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
Power Forward

The program initiated by New Dimensions has helped me with my joint mobility, injuries and strength. His evaluation techniques were instrumental in detecting inconsistencies in the movement of my body. Justin Cobb’s “outside the box” approach sets him apart from other health professionals I have worked with in my career.

Ben Saunders
MMA Fighter

New Dimensions Wellness and Education helped me prepare differently for my fights then I have in the past. Justin’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, healing, biomechanics and Neuro Emotional Techniques allowed me to treat my entire body and mind through my training camp. I was stronger, more flexible, more symmetrical in my movements and had increased mental focus after going through the program. I will seek him out in the future to prepare for my professional fights.

Chuck Wolf
Chuck Wolf
Human Motion Associates

For a physical therapist to be successful, I believe they need to possess a few critical qualities…passion for what they practice, compassion and empathy for their patients, and an eclectic approach to treat their patients uniquely based upon their limitations. Justin Cobb is one of the rising stars within the physical therapy industry who possesses these necessary qualities. He enriches his patients with knowledge, humor, and an understanding of human anatomy and the healing process. He empowers his patients to become strong through the human spirit!
Human Motion Associates Orlando, Florida

Mark Garrand
Assistant Special Agent in Charge

I recently had a total knee replacement following years of pain. As a law enforcement officer I wanted to get back into the game as soon as possible and was fortunate enough to meet Justin. After two weeks of home rehab I started out three days a week working with Justin on my left knee. During my rehab I learned that my conditioning was really poor due to not being able to exercise hard because of my previous knee pain. Justin is not only a first class trainer but an even better motivator. Some days were more difficult than others however each session became better and more challenging than the first. I can honestly say I walked into the doctors to get my stitches removed using only a cane at about 3 and half weeks. The doctor was surprised and I tossed him my cane and told him I didn’t need it any more. At 5 weeks I was riding a mountain bike and at 6 weeks I was back to work. Normal time to return to work full time is 90 days. On the 90th day I played 18 pain free holes of golf. I hadn’t played golf in three years due to pain and swelling following a simple round. I continued to work with Justin for several months after that and continued to get stronger in every aspect. The highlight for me was one of my last rehab sessions resulting in me pushing a Division I college athlete to finish his workout with me and not to quit. I outlasted him in the same workout and haven’t stopped smiling since. I’ve continued my relationship with Justin not just to train but as a friend. This guy really cares about his patients well being and is always just around the corner to make sure I’m doing well.

Jameer Nelson
Jameer Nelson
NBA Player Orlando Magic
Point Guard

New Dimensions Wellness and Education’s off-season program helped me get in shape and identify anatomical compensations that were limiting my potential. The unique techniques and exercises given by Justin allowed me to enter the NBA season prepared and ready.


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